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Brand New Website for 2013

Our brand new website for 2013, built for us by CMS Wales (, is now online, we hope you enjoy it. We now have a nice comment system installed into our News section and we do hope you will use it to give us feedback on our news articles.

Our new site is created using the very latest CMS called Joomla 3 and has many new innovations that will not only allow us to keep the site up to date far more easily, but also the new site is "responsive" in that it will do its very best to look good on any device, including Tablets and Smart Phone.

So, welcome to our new site, please have a good look around and if we can help you please do get in touch

UK Tech Team can help

By working together and individually assessing your requirements and operating conditions we produce a unique sealant to meet demands. 

Environmentally Safe

The ingredients in Tyre Protector are non-hazardous, non-toxic and biodegradable. The product is fully water soluble and may be washed away with water. 

ISO Quality award

With only approximately 3% of UK businesses holding this certificate, Tyre Protector is now at the forefront of quality service and customer care. 


Oivind Bakke: M.D. Continental/Dekkman
"When I first saw Tyre Protector I thought that it was astonishing. It fitted right into our company's vision."